Staff Writer Jul 24th 2018

Dubai Airports adopts new system in aircraft turnaround operations.

Dubai Airports along with its operational service partners are engaging in Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), a new concept of operation that has benefited more than 20 European airports and is becoming popular among major airports globally.

‘Turning’ an aircraft during its stay at DXB involves a multitude of service partners working against the clock as they manage different aspects of the operation – fuelling, catering, cargo and baggage loading, and passenger boarding. Considering the added pressure due to constraints of time, capacity, equipment or other resources, maintaining situational awareness and effectively working together can be a challenge.

What is A-CDM?

A-CDM provides a procedural framework that uses shared information, supporting technology and a clear understanding of the operational processes related to each airport service partner to unlock this potential.

Through A-CDM Dubai Airports aims to become more efficient at managing the flow of aircraft, mainly by enabling the sharing of operational information among service partners on a common data sharing platform. Each service partner, including Dubai Airports, Dubai Air Navigation Services (dans), Emirates, flydubai, dnata, and other airlines, collects valuable information on the progress of a flight’s turnaround. Making relevant data available to all service partners will help the airport improve its collective ability to service flights on time.


Enhanced situational awareness: The shared operational data provides all partners complete view on the status of the aircraft turnaround, a clear view of what’s happening and how it is impacting our operations. This helps all partners to make better decisions.

Better predictability: We greatly enhance the quality of arrival data by using the ‘milestone approach’, allowing all service partners at DXB to anticipate potential early arrivals or departure delays.
Increased efficiency: Better situational awareness, predictability and consistency of processes increases operational efficiency and resilience, resulting in better resource planning, fewer servicing delays, and better customer service.

Faster recovery during disruption: More transparency enables better decision-making, especially during disruption, allowing the airport to prioritise better, and recover more quickly.

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